Horse Eligibility & Identification

Eligibility: For purposes of eligibility for all T.I.P. classes and awards, a "Thoroughbred" is defined as any horse that has been registered with The Jockey Club or a foreign Thoroughbred stud book recognized by The Jockey Club. An unregistered horse is not eligible for T.I.P. You must know your horse's registered name to be eligible for T.I.P. (if registered but unnamed, must know YOB and dam's name). See below for identification assistance. To check registration status, please log into your account at
In order to participate in a T.I.P. class or be eligible for a T.I.P. award, owners and riders must obtain a T.I.P. Number. Please click here to apply for a T.I.P. Number. The T.I.P. number card should be provided to participating horse shows as proof of eligibility.

Horse ID Assistance: Horse owners who do not have access to a Thoroughbred's Certificate of Foal Registration and who are not able to successfully research a Thoroughbred's tattoo or microchip may apply to The Jockey Club for assistance with identification of the horse as further described below. This should be done well in advance of the horse show. If The Jockey Club is able to identify the horse, a T.I.P. Number letter will be provided for participation in T.I.P. and owners/riders should then apply for a T.I.P. Number.

Microchips now available from The Jockey Club! Click here for an order form or log into Interactive Registration to buy online!

  • Click here for information on how to research a tattoo (including partial tattoos).
  • Log into Interactive Registration to lookup or research tattoos and lookup microchips online immediately.
  • For horses that are not tattooed or microchipped, or for which tattoo research was unsuccessful, please email T.I.P. photos of the front, back and both sides of the whole horse and photos of the tattoo (if applicable), along with all the information you have about the horse (anything relevant: name, YOB, history, pedigree). If the horse is grey or has very little white markings, please also send photos of the nighteyes (chestnuts), and close up photos of the head cowlick. Email photos and information to and COPY If we can verify the horse is a horse we registered, we will issue an eligibility letter for purposes of T.I.P.
  • For horses born in 2001 or after that are not tattooed or for which tattoo research was unsuccessful, customers may submit a request to the Registry to DNA type the horse for comparison to the DNA types on file for registered Thoroughbreds. There is an $80 fee associated with a request to DNA type a horse. DNA typing is not available for unregistered horses. Click here to request assistance.

Helpful Links for Researching Your Thoroughbred’s Pedigree:

The Jockey Club Tattoo Identification Services - research a Thoroughbred's tattoo, including partially legible tattoos, and obtain more information about the horse (requires an Interactive Registration account). Also log into your IR account to lookup microchips.
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