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Bought a horse with a T.I.P. Number already? T.I.P. Numbers are horse/owner specific, so you should get a new T.I.P. Number for the horse under your own account. To obtain a T.I.P. Number, please click on My Account in the top right corner.
Have a T.I.P. Number in your account, but need to change the show name, spelling or other information on the existing T.I.P. card? Send an email with the horse's new T.I.P. Number, registered name, show name, and corrected information.
Want to know about our year end awards program, the Performance Awards? Click TB Owners & Riders above, then Performance Awards.
Need help identifying your Thoroughbred? Find instructions at TB Owners & Riders General Information.
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Registration Services - (800) 444-8521 - ask for assistance with your IR User name and password