210 Thoroughbreds have been declared and entered for the 2018 T.I.P. Championships! Click the following link for the full list of Declared and Entered Thoroughbreds - 2018 Declared and Entered Thoroughbreds - To search for a horse or rider, use CTRL-F in the PDF document. Note, the list is sorted by Division, then Registered Name. Reminder: a horse may be declared for more than one division but can only be entered in one Championship Division. Updated for entries received through August 22, 2018.

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Lists By Discipline:
Declared Horses for Hunters and Pleasure (includes Alternate Declarations) - 2018 Declared Hunter and Pleasure Horses
Declared Horses for Jumpers (includes Alternate Declarations) - 2018 Declared Jumper Horses

Declared Horses for Dressage (includes Alternate Declarations) - 2018 Declared Dressage Horses
Declared Horses without an entry - 2018 Declared Horses Not Entered in Championships