2022 T.I.P. Championships Declared Horses

Horse name (TJC Name) Rider Name Declaration Accepted Divisions
A Million Reasons Why (Two Stepping Coyote) Jamie Gilbert-Kulp Yes Schooling Jumper
A Promise to Keep (Escanaba) Roberta Warren Yes Suitable Jumper
Abatement Reese Dorsey Yes Special Hunter
Absolute Obsession (Beau) Ryleigh Eichelberger Yes Special Hunter
Accountable (Guyana in Motion) Julia Bintliff Yes Training Dr
Ace is the Place (Berger Lane) Lauren Williams yes Low Hunter; Schooling, Training Ju
After Midnight Jaclyn Howard Yes Special, Suitable Hunter
Aim to Misbehave (Hard to Scoop) Rachel Morrall Yes Hopeful, Suitable Jumper
All That Jazz (Northern Jazz) Eryn Ziegler Yes Special Hunter
All the Juice Annika Greaney-Stanger Yes Crossrails; Training Dr; WesternDr (Basic, Intro)
Always Lucky Kara Hertz Yes Intro, Training Dr; Western Dr (Basic, Intro)
Always the Optimist (Simpy Stylin) Morgan Osbaldeston Hardship (accepted) EngPl; Training Dr
American Phenom Jennifer Cefalu yes Training Dr
Amirite Rowan Hughes yes Barrel Racing
Andy Po Po Amanda Richard Yes Second, Third, Fourth Dressage
Angelic Warrior Jessica Schultz yes Training CT
Angelina Ballarina Colleen Johns Yes V. green Hunter, Intro Dr, Starter CT
Antonio G Lucas Anderson Yes Schooling, Training Jumper
Apology Accepted (Fumin Numin) Allison Andrews yes Intro, Training Dr
Aprilstorm (Warrens Aprilstorm) Emilee Heise yes Introductory Dr, Starter CT
Ariesberg Ashley Bump Yes Barrel Racing
Artemis Brown (John Ben Max) Connie Malone Yes Low Hunter
Artesania Samantha Beckwith Yes Special, Suitable Hunter
As You Wish (Western Wolf) Jennifer Griffiths Yes Special, Suitable Hunter
Assumed Risk (Topventure's Dream) Tiffany Crumbley Yes Crossrails, Intro Dr; Starter CT
Atlas (U-Me) Meredith Ross yes Special, Suitable Hunter
Atticus (Sir Hector) Mandy Lynch Yes Suitable, Low Hunter
Atwater Abbie Driscoll yes Intro, Training Dr
Azure Tiger (Amur Tiger) Ellie Williams yes Special, Suitable, Low Hunter
Baby Jane Doe (Nearctic's Jane Doe) Leisa Kincade yes WestPl, Ranch Riding
Back Alley Boss Jolie Coelho Yes Intro Dressage
Back Alley Boss Alexandra Ramage Yes Training Dressage
Backcountry Taylor Stefko Yes Barrel Racing
Bad Bad Leroi Brown (Leroidessioux) Rebecca Seabrook yes Beginning, Special Hu; EngPl
Badabing Badaboom Emily Cardin Hardship (accepted) Hopeful Ju; Intro Dr; BN CT
Bail Bondsman Karen Morgan Yes Intro Dr
Bailee's Bronco Laura Bierly Yes Very Gr, Beg Hunter
Ballenger Stephanie Bristol Yes Second, Training CT
Ballerino Susan Sisco yes Schooling, Training, Open Jumper
Barbaro Hawk Olivia Williams Yes crossrails
Bass Boat Leanne Kohler Yes Suitable Hu, EngPl
Bazillion Bells Kaitlin Hartford Yes Open Jumper; Prelim CT
Bazinga (Booth Road Zinger) Megan Russell Yes Training Dr
Beautiful Disaster (Romeo Again) Kaytlyn Showalter Yes Suitable, Low Hunter
Bellastar Allison Renzulli Yes Hopeful, Suitable Jumper
Benny Time Savannah Lacey yes Schooling Jumper
Berlin Waltz Hilary Neves Yes Crossrail, Very Gr, Beginning Hu
Best Intentions (Mo Mo Mo Mo) Priscilla McPheeters Yes Beginning, Special Hunter
BFF Abbey Rebecca Elkins Yes Barrel Racing
Big Blue Arrow Pam Gleason Yes Training Dressage
Big Machine Ashley Bulthuis Yes Special, Suitable Hu; Hopeful, Suitable Ju
Blame It On Texas Susan Sisco yes Beginning, Special, Suitable Hu
Blame It On Texas Lisa DeMars yes Beginning, Special, Suitable Hu
Blushing Bella Rebecca Jones yes Training Dressage
Bokeelia Island Kelly Sulik yes Training Dr
Bolero (Wild Student) Jessica Brittain Yes Very Gr, Beginning Hu; Hopeful Ju
Booster Gold Elizabeth Mras Yes Beg, Special Hunter
Bourbon Flight Julie Lingle Yes Training Dr; BN CT; Nov CT
Bowie (Instan Wind) Sarah Clark yes Special, Suitable, Low Hu; EngPl
Break the Rules (Strike Three) Nicole Cahill Hardship (accepted) Hopeful Jumper
Bryer (Vaszar Academy) Shawn Hall yes Ranch Rid; Comp Tr
B-Side (Judge Roy Bean) Amanda Bozack Yes Beginning, Special Hunter
Bubba (Bubba and Tee) Annie Cornett Yes Training, First Dressage
Buckeye Warrior Holly Zecchin Yes Western Dr (Basic, Level 1&up)
Buddha Kai Mackenzie Towler Yes Hopeful, Suitable Jumper
Bulletproof Kitten Kelsie Johns Yes Very Gr Hu, Intro Dr, Starter CT
By the Stars (Flashy Escort) Kayla Lancashire Yes Crossrails, EngPl
Callaway King Lindsey Partridge Yes/pending some disciplines Ranch Rid; Comp Tr; Western Dr (Basic)
Candy Empire Talia Kraynak Yes/pending some disciplines Crossrails, Very Green Hunter
Cannonshot Logan Dickson yes Training Dr
Can'tweallgetalong Elizabeth Love Yes Training Dr
Captain Crown Morgan Cooper Yes BN CT
Castle Bound Michelle Knoblauch Yes WestPl, Ranch Riding; Western Dr (Basic); Intro dr
Castle Smoke Coti Hausman Yes Schooling Jumper; Novice CT
Catching Fire (Country Strong) Carys Joyner Yes Suitable, Schooling Jumper
Caught Red Handed (Rimfire) Grace Hill Yes Special, Suitable Hunter
Chantaje Brooklyn Timmons Yes/pending some disciplines Ranch Riding; Comp Tr
Charlie Gulch Caitlin Burgess Yes Beginning, Special Hunter
Cheers to That (Adrinkwithfriends) Alison Jones yes Crossrails
Chiki Boy Ellie Williams yes Very Gr, Beginning, Special Hu
Chiki Boy Campbell Fox yes Very Green Hunter
Chillax 52 (The Exosuit) Cynthia Kendall Yes Hopeful Jumper; Training Dr; BN CT
Chocolate Delight (Crazy Man) Reba Merritt Yes Spec, Suit Hunter; Hope, Suit Jumper; EngPl; WePl; Ranch; Barrel; CompTr; Intro Dr; WestDr (In, Ba)
Ciarrai Abu Kelsey Roy Hardship (accepted) Special Hunter
City's Finest Kelly Masters Yes Training Dr
Claire Sailing Madisson Walker Yes Special Hunter
Classic Act Leslie Musgrave yes Intro Dr
Classic Greeley MISSING DEC FORM Training Dr
Clever Endeavor (Clever's Mischief) Laura Stewart Yes Special Hu
Cold Spice Heidi Wardle Yes School., Train. Jumper; Training, First Dr.; Nov, Train CT
Colonel Teddy Bear (Colonel Ted) Esther Phillips Yes Special Hu; EngPl
Color Crazy DarlyLynn Roberts Yes Very Gr Hu, EngPl
Commander Charlie Ellie Williams Yes Crossrails, EngPl
Commander Charlie Chloe Stevens Yes EngPl
Commissioner Bolt Joan Gariboldi Yes Training, First Dressage
Concrete Jungle Jordan Pruiksma yes Training Dr
Confetti (RJ Three) Phoebe Ainsworth Baessler yes Special Hunter
Confetti (RJ Three) Meghan Nichols yes Low Hunter
Couldashouldadid Kaela Thomas yes Hopeful Ju; Intro Dr; Starter CT
Count Julian Amanda Richard Yes FEI TOC
Cowboy's Hero Olivia Lefferts yes Intro Dr
Crafty Dreamer Stephanie Klebes Yes Beg. Hunter, Special Hunter; Training Dr
Crusader (Crusader Cat) Deanna Pratt Yes Suitable Hunter
Crystal Pier Jennifer Tibbetts yes Ranch Riding, Comp Trail
Czraina Maria Jessica Frederick Yes Barrel Racing
Dagney's Warrior Kaye Rothenbuhler yes Hopeful, Suitable Jumper
Dalal Alexa Aguilar yes Training Dr
Dananjay Madison Evans yes Suitable Hunter, BN CT
Dance With Bode Alyssa Turnquist Hardship (accepted) In hand comp tr
Danielle Deer Kylee Casey Yes Training Jumper
Danny (Big City Dancer) Sue Sylvester Yes Suitable, Low Hunter
Darby's Point (Bigginn) Kelly Walsh Yes Very Green Hu; Training Dr
De Bandelero Liza Goodlett Hardship (accepted) Schooling Jumper
Deanoguska Jamie Gross Yes Beg, Special Hu; Intro, Training Dr
Dispatcher Stephanie Calendrillo Yes Training, First Dressage
Diva Jane Mandy Weissman or Keely Bechtol Yes/pending some disciplines Comp Tr; Training Dr
Divine Cause Mallory Sensenig Yes Low Hunter
Divine Cause Carmen Sensenig Yes EngPl
Divorce Papers (Married to Anya) Megan Hems Yes Barrel Racing, Comp Tr
Doherty Shannon Burke Yes EngPl
Dominic's Back Stephanie Meyers Yes Xrails; EngPl
Domino (Dados Dream) Jill Diestelhorst Yes Barrel Racing, Comp Tr
Donzi Anissa Butler Yes Special, Suitable Hunter
Dover Cliffs Coti Hausman Yes Crossrails, Training Dr
Dr. Abajo Joanna Street Yes Crossrail, Very Gr Hunter; EngPl
Dr Kenney Simone Cobbett yes First Level
Dream of Scipio Erin Burdick-Bloom Hardship (accepted) Barrel Racing
Dream for More Tatia Heleski yes Training Dr, Western Dr (Basic)
Druidic Beltane (Drewmisterio) Jennifer O'Brien Yes Special Hunter
Duplikate Kopy (Untouchable Lauren) Christy Lyons yes Special, Suitable Hunter
Eclipse Royale Briana Stone yes Xrail, Very Gr, Beginning, Special, Suitable Hu
Egalite Jill Diestelhorst Yes Barrel Racing, Comp Tr
Empire Station Elizabeth Mras Yes/pending some disciplines Xrails, V. Green Hu; EngPl; Intro, Training Dr
Enduring Honor Joy Nakrin Yes V. green, Beg., Special Hunter
Etched in Stone (Favorite Charity) Lauren Domenico Yes Low Hunter, EngPl
Etta Jane (Nazay) Eleanor Macleod yes Crossrails, Very Gr, Beginning Hu
Evaluator Colleen Nolan Yes Training Dr
Exquisite Queen Jaclyn Payne yes Western Dr (Basic, Intro)
Extraordinary Girl (St. Stellas Fire) Sophia Brady-Owens Yes Training Ju; Training CT
F C Gomango Jackie Schwartz Yes Fourth Level Dr
Fascinating (Twos and Fours) Cathy Gomez Yes Xrails, V. Green hu; Epl, WePl, Western Dr; Starter CT; Intro Dressage
Fast Forward (Our John Daniel) Taylor Wiggins Yes Beginning, Special Hunter; EngPl
Fastidious Hannah Schofield Yes Second Level
Ferdinand (Cupid's Delight) Jennifer Hardy yes Training Dr; Starter CT
Fetch Me a Latte Jennifer Fox Yes BN CT
FGF Bygolly Allysen Lindler yes Very Gr, Beginning, Special Hu
FGF Capital Asset Alexandra Corbett Yes Intro, Training Dr
FGF Crash Override (Bold Esteta) Allysen Lindler yes Beginning Hu, EngPl
FGF Differential Maddy Hall Yes and Hardship (accepted) Suitable Hunter; Training Dr; BN CT
FGF Domain Lauren Lindsay Yes Intro, Training Dr; Starter CT
FGF Este Es Allysen Lindler yes Special Hu; Hopeful Ju; Training Dr; Nov CT
FGF Gray Not Bay Rachel Shannon Yes Suitable Jumper; Novice CT
FGF Hoistthemainsail Allysen Lindler yes Very Gr Hu; Hopeful Ju; Intro, Training Dr; Starter, BN CT
FGF Honolulu Express Lara Anderson yes Hopeful Ju; Intro, Training Dr; Starter, BN CT
FGF Honolulu Express Maddy Hall yes Hopeful Ju; Intro, Training Dr; Starter, BN CT
FGF Johnny Wishbone Sophia Simone Brady-Owens yes Hopeful Ju; Intro Dr; Starter CT
FGF King of the Nile Jessica Wymbs Yes Hopeful Ju; Intro, Training Dr; BN CT
FGF Margie Darest Jessica Schultz yes Hopeful Ju; Intro, Training Dr; BN CT
FGF Mead Hall Lauren Lindsay yes Intro, Training Dr; Starter, BN CT
FGF Moongate Warrior Megan Stauch Yes Hopeful Ju; Intro, Training Dr; Starter, BN CT
FGF Nice N Easy Maddy Hall Yes and Hardship (accepted) Special Hu; Suitable Ju; Training Dr; BN CT
FGF Nothing for Free Lauren Lindsay yes Low Hunter; Train Dr; Novice CT
FGF Ole Mole Maddy Hall yes Training Dr; First Level; Training CT
FGF Rocknow Catherine Norman yes Crossrails, Very Gr Hu; Intro Dr; Starter CT
FGF Senor Presidente Maddy Hall yes Beginning Hu; Hopeful Ju; Training Dr; BN CT
FGF Starship Butler (Starship Butler) Mary Curran Yes BN CT
FGF Storm Bell Maddy Hall Yes Suitable, Low Hu; Suitable Ju
FGF Struck By Luck Maddy Hall yes Special Hu; Hopeful Ju; Second level; BN CT
FGF Super Edgar Allysen Lindler yes Very Gr Hu; Hopeful Ju; Intro, Training Dr; Starter, BN CT
FGF Super Edgar Maddy Hall yes Very Gr Hu; Hopeful Ju; Intro, Training Dr; Starter, BN CT
FGF Super Edgar Lara Anderson yes Very Gr Hu; Hopeful Ju; Intro, Training Dr; Starter, BN CT
FGF Suruj Devi Maddy Hall yes Hopeful Ju; Training Dr; BN CT
FGF Trick the Universe Maddy Hall yes Special Hu; Hopeful Ju; Training Dr; BN CT
FGF Twixy Cat Maddy Hall yes Xrail; Hopeful Ju; EngPl; Training Dr; BN CT
FGF Two Notch Road Lauren Lindsay yes Suitable Ju; Training Dr; BN CT
FGF Very Colorful Coti Hausman Yes Hopeful Jumper, BN CT
FGF Worthy Wager Lara Anderson Yes Crossrails, Very Gr Hunter
Fierce at Heart (Rokeby Baby) Ella Campbell yes Crossrails
Fine Print Laura Wood Hardship (accepted) Intro Dr; Western Dr (Intro)
First Around Kaitlin Hartford Yes Training Jumper; Second Level
First Mate Finn (Safe Passage) Sabrina Cagle Yes V. Green, Beg. Hunter, EngPl
Five Card Poker Melissa King Yes EngPl, Very Green Hunter
Floo Powder Layne Shaffer Yes Barrel Racing
Flying Fireball Victoria Mangold Yes Very Gr, Beg, Special Hunter; Hopeful Ju
Forecaster Sarah Hepler; Elizabeth Love Yes Training Dr
Forever Darling (La Gata Negra) Olivia Sawyer Yes Crossrails; EngPl
Forever in My Heart (Toshita Forever) Aly Mayhall Yes Comp Trail
Four Point Zero Barbaralee Breen Yes Crossrails, V. Green Hunter
Frankly My Dear (Struggler's Legend) Katie Gardner Yes Special, Suitable, Low Hunter
Freemont Street (Shadow Crossing) Brenda Awad Yes Training, Open Jumper
French Pressed Mary Nininger yes Crossrails, Very Gr Hunter
Frontier Dynasty Kelsey Briggs yes Starter CT
Fulfill Erin Birkenhauer yes Training, First Dressage
Full Gallop's Woo Pig Sooie Megan Stauch yes Open Jumper; Third, Fourth Level; Prelim CT
G Cat Sup Sophia Brady-Owens Yes Schooling, Training Ju; Novice, Training CT
Generalist Heidi Wardle Yes Suitable, School. Jumper; Training Dr.; BN, Nov CT
Gentleman's Blue (Gentleman Blues) Alyssa Morris Yes Special Hunter
Get It In Ink Lottie Crawford Yes First
Ghost Fleet (Chief Tarhe) Amy Smith Yes Special Hunter
Ghostly Gin Vision Ashleigh Hastings Yes Intro Dr; Starter CT
Giant Mambo Anna Birney Yes Special, Suitable Hunter
Gigi (Garners Goose) Rebecca Booz Yes Hopeful, Suitable Jumper
Gingers Hero Krista Healy Schaefer Yes Beg, Special, Suitable Hu; WestPl; Intro, Training Dr
Going for Broke (Zoom Zoom Zoom) Emma Parker yes Low Hunter; Schooling Jumper
Gotham Queen Abbey Binker Yes Crossrails; EngPl
Grand Central Erica Rozek Yes Special Hunter; Training Dr
Grand Phinale (Centre Fold Ginger) Shannon Fitzgerald yes Special Hunter; EngPl
Granny's Kitten Gail Caban yes Hopeful Ju; Training Dr
Gratitude (Two Gun Romeo) Eryn Ziegler Yes Special Hunter
Great Moments Julie Cayer Yes First Dr; Novice, Training CT
Greeley's Dude Jennifer Cobb yes Training, First Dr; Novice CT
Ground Attack Liz Miller yes Comp Trail, Ranch Riding
Gung Ho Julia Vassar Samson Yes Starter CT
Hacker (MEX) Emily Cardin Yes Training Ju; First Level; Training CT
Halftime (Ditka) Danielle Boerger Yes Beginning Hu, EngPl
Hamilton's Bay (UN 2013 % Accounted) Shannon Eckel Yes Special Hunter
Happy Hour (Early Bop) Catherine McKee Yes Beg, Special, Suitable Hu; Hopeful Ju
Harbors Rule Anita Quinn Yes Training Dr
Hatteras (Birthday Hat) Emily Brayko yes Beginning, Special, Suitable Hu; EngPl
Haunted Mesa Halle Rust yes Intro Dr
Hay Y'all Watch This (Suk) Ashleigh Hastings Yes Intro, Training Dr; Starter CT
HCF Made Ya Look (Double Toll Gate) Reese Edwards Yes Training, Open Ju; Training CT
Heads Up (Pirradazis) Madeline Rutledge Yes Suitable Hu; Schooling Ju
Heart of Te'fiti (Moonstriking) Morgan Cress Yes Hopeful Ju; BN CT
Heart Shot Karaline Mormile Yes Suitable Jumper
Here Comes Jones Alesia Singer Yes EngPl; Intro, Training Dr
Hey Hottie Tyson Albright yes Very Green Hu; EngPl
High Promise Charles Hairfield yes Very Gr, Special Hu
High Tide (Queen of Beauty) Madison Brown Yes Schooling Jumper
Home By 2 (Home by Seven) Leigh Berman Yes Beginning, Special Hunter
Hot Gurl Summer Leigh Beamer Moller Yes Intro, Training Dr
Hot Tamale (Bungalow) Emma Tarleton Yes Crossrails
House on the Bay Kayla Lancashire Yes Crossrails, V. Green, Beg. Hunter; EngPl
How to Train Your Dragon (Marshall Earp) Amelia Sim yes Hopeful Jumper
How's The Weather Amy Branstine Yes Training Dr
HRH Chewy (Ocho Caballos) Meredith Clark Yes First, Second
HTS Queen Tatalina Kerianne Manipole Yes Beginning, Special Hunter
Hubblescope Halle Rust yes Third Level Dressage
Huck (Hard Work) Charles Hairfield yes Special Hu
I Solemnly Swear (Blue Parrot) Kansas Angel Yes Special Hu, EngPl
Ide Love Lucy Terry Jones yes Beginning Hu; Hopeful Ju
In My Defense (Jackgreerstubhutch) Sydney Musgrove Yes Very Green Hunter
Image of Vega (Image of Grace) Jennifer Thuener yes Intro Dr, Training Dr
Impazible Affair Anissa Butler Yes Very Gr, Beginning Hunter
Incredible Trick Erica Eckenoff Yes Hopeful Jumper
Indica Allison McHattie Yes Comp Tr
Infrastructure Jessica Frederick Yes Barrel Racing
Inquisitive (Whitey Helms) Rachel Brannen Yes Special Hunter
Irish Sweetheart Eric McCarthy yes Special, Low Hunter
Iron Willed Dawn DeFrance Yes Training Jumper, Open Jumper
It Happened Again Stephanie Church yes First Dr
Jabberwocky (Adirondack Express) Elizabeth Tillman Yes Beginning, Special Hu; EngPl
Jamarjo Maria DiPierro Yes Training Jumper
Jasmine's Gem Jaclyn Davis yes Training Dr
Just Takes Time (Here Come's Luther) Kim Reeves Yes Training, First Dr; Starter CT
Justa Jester Christy Drent Yes Barrel racing
Kango Play Kippen McWhirter Yes Schooling, Training Jumper
Karisma (Lu E Davor) Devon Olivier yes Training, Open Ju; Second, Third Level Dr
Keswick Girls Leyna Ribner Yes Training, First Dr
Killian's Red (Killenaule's Best) Julia Buytenhuys Yes Suitable Hunter, Low Hunter
King Kongrats Caroline Anderson Yes Special, Suitable Hunter
Kiss of Cairo Mandy Weissman Yes Training Dr, CompTrl
Kisstheothercheek Kelly Hart Yes Intro Dressage; EngPl
Know Sense Alison Clark Yes Training, Open Jumper
Kopy That (Side Buster) Christy Lyons yes Suitable, Low Hunter
La Grande Mela (Just One Slice) Barbara Szefc yes Special, Suitable Hu; EngPl
Ladybug Ladybug Jessica Rupp Yes Barrel Racing
Left Side Drive Jessica Brittain Yes Very Gr, Beginning Hu; Hopeful Ju
Leoville Mallory Sensenig Yes Hopeful Jumper
Lil B Quick Haley Kenevan Yes/pending some disciplines Intro, Training Dr; Western Dr; Comp Tr
Lime Candy Karen Morgan Yes EngPl, Training Dr
Link's Last Quest Natalie Starr yes Comp Trl; Training Dr; Western Dr (Intro); Intro Dr
Little But Fierce (Li'l Minx) Summer Glatt yes Special Hunter
Long May You Run Julianna Bona Yes Barrel Racing
Lord Emmett Deanna Pratt Yes Low Hunter
Lotsnlotsofchrome Jennifer Cobb yes Intro Dr; Starter CT
Louie Lunchbox Lori-Ann Archambault Yes Low Hunter
Lucky Britches Julianna Bona Yes Barrel Racing
Luna Lovegood (Mystical Prize) Rachel Kepes Ferriter yes First Level
Lynbrooke Sara Roberson yes Intro Dr
Maestro (Mr. Conductor) Kara Corpman Yes First, Second
Magic Train Sarah Williams yes Intro, Training
Majestic Lad Cedar Potts-Warner yes Western Dr (Level 1 & above)
Marie Joelle Meghan Adelman yes First Level
Marrying Kind (Another Taste) Emma Hill Yes Schooling Jumper
Maryland's Miracle Reagan Emerson Yes Hopeful, Suitable Jumper
Mawhinney Maggie Hirron yes Training, Open Ju; First, Second, Third Level; Training, Prelim CT
McVille Nancy Adams yes First Level
Meadow Magic Alissa Facciolo Yes Suitable, Low Hunter
Meraki Dawn DeFrance Yes Special, Suitable Hunter
Merry Merry Mojo Meghan Adelman yes First Level
Metedeconk Belle DeVault Hardship (accepted) V. green, Beg., Special Hunter; Hopeful Ju; Training Dr
Mi Padrino Julie Nelson Yes Suitable Ju, Training Dr, BN CT
Midnight Valentine Ashlee Griffin Yes Suitable, Schooling Jumper
Miles Above It (Black Shrek) Sarah Hood Yes Schooling Ju; Training CT
Minister's Mon Kaela Roberts Yes Hopeful Jumper, EngPl
Mischief Managed (Mustatheef) Casey Cromer Yes Training Dressage
Miss Airline BreAnna Buck yes Schooling, Training Ju
Miss Cabotage Rebecca Jones yes Special Hunter
Miss Matilda Kaitlyn Aitken Yes Barrel Racing
Ms. Millie Vanilli (Millie Joel) Kimberlee Nadwaki yes Intro, Training Dr
Miss Pugsley Jennifer Griffiths Yes Very Green, Beginning Hunter
Mister Twister Erica Eckenoff Yes Suitable Jumper
Mitzie's Mini Ball Scarlett Reel yes Beginning, Special Hu; Hopeful Ju
Mochajava Charlotte Roland Yes Training Dr
Molotof Rebecca Stinson yes Hopeful Jumper
Mom Said Yes Sarah Hepler Yes Training Dressage
Monster (Freres Play) Mandy Lynch Yes Low Hunter
Moonlit Matinee (Timber Jenny) Kino McFarland yes Training Dr
Moonster Kelsey Briggs yes Hopeful Jumper; BN CT
Moro Mischief Abbie Driscoll Yes Intro, Training Dr
Moscato (Eureka Graffiti) Kristen Brennan Yes Western dr (Basic, Intro, Level 1&up)
Most Gloriously Kimberlee Nadwaki Yes Training Dr
Mount Desert Kristine Slovis Yes First, Second
Mr. Barron Rachel Parrot yes BN CT
Mr. Dusty Samantha Gritz Hardship (accepted) Special, Suitable, Low Hunter
Mr. Reinig Beth Wheeler Yes Training Dr; Novice CT
My Pal Jerry Jessie Jones Yes BN CT
Mystic Illusion (Da's Mighty Zeus) Hunter Houp Yes WesternPl, Ranch Riding; Western Dr (Basic, Intro)
Nice Surprise Bailey Poorman Yes Schooling Jumper; Novice CT
Night Mission Sara Benson Yes Crossrails, EngPl
No Nucks Given (Nucks) Megan Hems Yes Barrel Racing, Comp Tr
Northwestern Kelley Halliwell Yes Beg, Special, Suitable Hu
Not Gonna Happen Brooke Frederick Yes Barrel Racing, Comp Tr
Oak Hill Leah Alessandroni Yes Intro Dr
Oh Milord (Milord) Heather Richard yes Schooling, Training Ju; Novice, Training CT
OK Kid Terry Jones yes Suitable Hu; Suitable Ju
Old Havana (Psychotic Dreamer) Mary Helen Beydler yes Very Gr, Beg, Special Hunter; Hopeful Ju
One Brave Warrior Nicole Russo Yes Intro, Training Dr
One Cool Doctor Cecelia Johnston yes Suitable Jumper; BN CT
Opportunist Jani Mortensen Yes Intro, Training Dr.
Orbed Michael Golinowski yes Special Hu; Suitable, Schooling Jumper
Our Native Angel Kelsi Purcell Yes Ranch Riding, Comp Trail
Out Til 2 (Downcomesthenite) Leigh Berman Yes Beginning, Special Hunter
Papa Ralph J Jessica VanDenBogaert Yes Barrel racing
Passing Parade Brenda Awad Yes Training, Open Jumper
Pedal to the Medal (Sidney's Charisma) Christina Martin Yes Hopeful, Suitable Jumper
Pedro (Rampaige) Emily Chambers yes Very Green, Beginning Hunter
Perfect Imperfection (Jardin de Giverny) Sarah Laderman yes Special Hu, Hopeful Ju, EngPl
Petite Amie Caileigh-Anne Lohnes Yes Comp Tr
Phearless Phyllis Allison Peterson yes Crossrails, Very Gr Hunter
Philemon Dream (Philslasdream) Christian Love Yes BN CT
Play the Kid Reagan Emerson Yes Special, Suitable, Low Hunter
Poetic Justice (Touch of a Poet) Rachel Morrall Yes Xrails;
Poetic Justice (Touch of a Poet) Dylan Varney Yes EngPl
Poets Princess Katherine Armstrong Yes Comp Trail; Western Dr (Intro)
Polar Axis Victoria Klapper Yes Low Hunter, Training Jumper
Polished Chrome Megan Cushing yes Intro Dr
Port Hunter Sarah Niklawski Yes Beg. Hunter, Special Hunter; Hopeful Ju.
Positively True Cade Pearson Yes Special Hunter, EngPl
Prima (Dolly Dancer) Emily Brayko yes Very Gr, beginning Hu; Hopeful, Suitable Ju
Prince Charming (Don's Top Dog) Margaret Higo Yes Hopeful Jumper
Prized Pursuit Jeanne Clark Yes Special Hunter; EngPl
Proquestor Alesia Singer Yes/pending some disciplines Training Dr
Pumpkin (Florentine Kitten) Nicola Field Yes Comp Tr
Quincy (How About a Waiter) Connor Stegeman yes Training, First Dr
Radiant Child (IRE) Darrell Vaughn Yes Hopeful Jumper; Starter CT
Rain Ruler Jamie Roof Yes Training Dr; Novice CT; Suitable, Schooling Jumper
Rambo Ruckus Taylor Storey Yes Third Level Dressage
Ramsey's Empire Caitlin Kennedy Hardship (accepted) Intro Dr; Starter CT
Really Really Kara Hertz Yes Training Dr; Western Dr (Basic, Intro)
Rebel Alliance (My Pest Pal) Sydney Staples Yes Special, Suitable Hunter
Recurrent Amy Bunt yes First Dr
Recurring Dream Jace Sexton Yes Low Hunter, Suitable Jumper
Red October (Big Red Indy) Paige Harris Yes EngPl; Intro Dressage
Remington A.C.A. (Yenzen) Kaylin Murray Yes Beginning, Special Hunter
Reposado Jenna Artache Yes Special, Suitable Hunter
Restless Stone Whitney McWhorter Yes Beginning Hunter
Rhaegar Targaryen (Trump'spride) Adrian Moody yes Training Dr
Rhodesleadtoheaven Sharon Cubelo Yes Xrails; EngPl
Riley (Pic Me First) Cyanea Robine Yes Training Jumper
Rise and Shine E Maya Wilson yes Cross rails, Very Gr Hunter
Rise and Shine Collins Credelle yes Cross rails, Very Gr Hunter
Risky Guy Megan Healy Yes Intro, Training Dr
River God Liz Miller Yes/Hardship accepted Ranch Rid; Comp Tr
Riviera (Kate's Hope) Madelyn Suhai yes Crossrails, Special Hunter
Riviera (Kate's Hope) Eleanor Macleod yes Crossrails, Special Hunter
Rock Hard Attitude (Hardrocker) Anastasia Curwood Yes Second Level Dr
Rock On (Action Rocks) Julie Wilson Yes Special, Suitable Hunter
Rocky Top City Jessica Schultz Yes Open Jumper; Prelim CT
Rodney (Rodney Square) Marie Farley Yes Hopeful Jumper
Roy Meets World (Excellent Royale) Joie Brewer yes Crossrails, Very Gr, Beginning Hu
Saharan Amanda Bentley Yes Very Gr, Beg Hunter
Save the Profit Kaitlin Agrons No/need show info Suitable, Schooling Jumper
Say When (I Get Around) Emma Hill Yes Hopeful, Suitable Jumper
Selling the Drama Allison Renzulli Yes Hopeful, Suitable Jumper
Send Noods (Illegal Intruder) Allison Clark Svezzese Yes Intro, Training Dr
Sheena Won Two (Wild for Who) Leigh Berman Yes Hopeful Jumper
She's a Fine Line Jordan Pruiksma yes Schooling Jumper
She's Got Legs (Gu Gu Brans) Katlyn Stout yes Hopeful Jumper
Shimmering Forest Nora O'Donnell Hardship (accepted) Crossrails
Short Cake's Man Krista Healy Schaefer Yes Very Gr, Beg Hunter; WePl, Ranch Riding; Intro, Training Dr; Western Dr (Basic, Intro)
Show Off (Bayou Country) Catherine Norman Yes Low Hu; Training, Open Ju; Novice, Training CT
Show Off (Bayou Country) Allison Mudd Yes Suitable, Low Hu, Suitable, Schooling Ju
Silent Weapon Raelyn Drews Yes Crossrails, Very Gr Hu; Hopeful Ju
Simple Twist of Fate (Mindprado) Robin White Yes Schooling, Training Ju; Third, Fourth Level Dr; Novice, Training CT
Sis (Boo Hoo Sue) Samantha Sheldon Yes Barrel Racing
Sixpence None the Richer (Smokin' Six) Emilie Stevens Yes Schooling, Training, Open Jumper
Sky Full of Stars (Platinum of Course) Brayden Gault Yes Hopeful, Suitable Jumper
Slew's Resurrection Amanda Musarro Yes Training, First Dr
Slip By Jenny Kaeppler Yes Novice CT
Slot Receiver Jessie Hartford Yes Introductory, Training Dr
Slugger Jaclyn Johnson yes Western Dr (Basic, Intro)
Smarty Girl (Smarty's Girl) Bryce Leitch Yes Special, Suitable Hunter
Smilin in Barbados Fallon Drews Yes Crossrails
Snap Decision (Ghost Rocket) Kristen Brennan Yes Hopeful Ju; Intro, Training Dr; Starter, BN CT
Soft N Lovely Allison Andrews Yes Intro, Training Dr; Starter, BN CT
Soldat the Top Theresa Trailor Yes Xrails; EngPl
Special Ops Gail Caban yes Training Dr
Star Bound (Philippic) Casey Jackson Yes Suitable, Schooling Jumper
Star That Shines Kelly Conner Yes Special, Suitable, Low Hunter
Starlite Fuse Thersilla Oberbarnscheidt Yes First, Second
Start of Action Melissa Meitzen Yes Barrel racing
Started in Brooklyn Sally Pearl Tockmakis Yes Suitable, Low Hunter
Steel Magnolia (Arch's Cutie) Brinn McClintic yes Very Gr Beginning, Special Hu
Still Dreaming Charles Hairfield yes Special Hu
Stolen Glance Chandra Allen Yes Comp Tr; Training Dr
Stonecatcher Raechel Ramsey Yes Ranch Rid; Comp Tr
Storm Factor Michelle Michael Yes Training Dr, CompTrl
Storm Peak Kim Reeves Yes Crossrails, Very Gr Hu; Intro, Training Dr
Story Straight Kaitlyn Aitken Yes Barrel Racing
Straighttotheheart Allison Andrews Yes Hopeful Ju, Training, First Dr, BN, Novice CT
Street Peddler Christina Fisher yes Very Gr Hunter; EngPl
Streets on Fire Rebecca Biggs Yes Intro, Training Dressage
Suave Juan Audrey Buoniconti Hardship (accepted) Hopeful Jumper
Subtlely Fierce (Apres Ski) Carleigh Craig Yes Crossrails
Subtlely Fierce (Apres Ski) Adalay Stubbs Yes Crossrails, Very Gr Hu
Sunset Beach Sommer Cook yes Comp Trail
Sunset Boulevard (Ready to Show) Katie Gardner Yes V. Green, Beg. Hunter
Sunset Boulevard (Ready to Show) Krista Hodgkin Yes V. Green, Beg. Hunter
Sun Lover Caitlin Brown Yes Very Gr, Beginning, Special Hu; Hopeful Ju
Super Garces Jessica Brittain Yes Very Gr, Beginning Hu; Hopeful Ju
Supreme Irene Monique Cameron Yes Comp Trail
Sword of David Madisson Walker Yes Schooling Jumper
Talk Show Man Lindy Gutman Yes Beginning, Special Hunter
Talk Show Man Reese Dorsey Yes Beginning, Special Hunter
Talullah (Club OR) Denise Norton yes Training Ju; First Level; TR CT
Tank (Minerunner) Nicola Field Yes Comp Tr
Tapit's Temple Kimberly Anne Miller Yes Training Dr, CompTrl
Tattletale (Canary Green) Katheryn Hughes Yes Barrel racing
Templemore Natalie Holdren yes Training Dr
Ten Pleasures Brianna Blackmore Yes Training, First Dr; WesternDr (Basic)
That's No Limit Lucan Anderson Yes Suitable Jumper
The Devil Wears Prada Kaylee Vongnaraj yes Hopeful, Suitable Jumper
The Gentleman Pirate (Bub the Scrub) Kelsey Briggs yes Open Jumper; Prelim CT
Third Times a Charm (Isle of Dreams) Kendall Tamarack yes Special Hu; Hopeful Ju; EngPl
This is Gonna Be Fun (Tomswan) Maggie Hirron yes Schooling, Train, Open Ju; Training, First, Second Dr; Novice, Training, Prelim CT
Thoughtful (Red Roster) Audrey White Yes Suitable Hunter
Three Thirty Three (All My Brothers) Erika Young yes Training Jumper
Thunderous Affair Lindsey Partridge Yes Ranch Rid; Comp Tr; Western Dr (Basic)
Tito Tonight Melissa Fox Yes Schooling Ju; Training Dr; Novice CT
Tiz That Carla Nieser Yes Training, First Dressage
Tizsortalucky Leigh Higby Yes Hopeful, Suitable, Schooling Jumper; Training, First Dr.; Starter, BN, Novice CT
Touchstone Lisa Trojan Yes Hopeful Jumper
Trapped on Island Time (Trappe) Anniston Wood Yes Special Hunter, EngPl
Trevor John Grace Lee Hardship (accepted) EngPl
True Valour Dawn DeFrance Yes Beg. Hunter, Special Hunter
True Valour Alyssa Carpenter Yes Beg. Hunter, Special Hunter
Truffles (Diggin for Dough) Toni Harmon Yes Ranch Riding, Comp Trail
Underscore Natalie Nevills Yes Intro, Training Dr
Union Cat Kelsey Bishop Yes Training Dr, CompTrl
Union Charm Alyssa Kelly yes Training Dr
Up to Snuff (Ignatius) Scarlett Reel yes Special Suitable, Low Hunter
Veya Amy Arzonico yes Intro, Training Dr
Villain Kelsey Briggs yes First, Second, Third Level
Vinny Van Go (Saguon) Diane Pincheon Yes Hopeful Jumper
Wally K Monique Cameron Hardship (accepted) Comp Trail
Wanting Alison Otter Yes Intro, Training Dr
We Love Nanni Macey Bader Yes Intro Dr, Starter CT
Weight of the World (Scorpion One) Jillian Tempelmeyer Yes Beginning, Special Hu; Hopeful Ju
Welcome (Toogie Devil) Mandy Lynch Yes Suitable Hunter
Well Played (Coletta) Trish DeRidder Hardship (accepted) Starter CT
Whatinsamhill Isla Bromilow Hardship (accepted) Intro Dr; Starter CT
Where'd He Go Heather LaFontaine Yes Training Dr; Western Dr (Basic), Starter CT
Where's Fred Shaina Miller Yes Special Hunter
Whirl Candy Sarah Lloyd Yes Training Dr; Comp Trl
Whiskey Terms Elizabeth Howell yes Barrel Racing
Whoopie Pie Alyssa Douso Yes Training Dr
Wild Card (Madly Precise) Kyra Helms Yes Special, Suitable Hunter
Wild Skybuster Lucas Anderson Yes Hopeful Jumper
Wildest Dream (He's One Wild Dude) Natalia Alvini-Moore Yes Training Dr
Win the Shake Charles Hairfield yes Special Hu
Wingardium Levissa (Freedom for DLT) Gwendolyn Dean yes First Level
Wingardium Leviosa (Go for Gale) Ellie Williams yes Hopeful, Suitable Jumper
Winter Carnival Lillian Cunningham Yes Special, Suitable Hunter
Winter Solstice (That Tricky Lady) Renee Tuning Yes Special, Suitable Hunter
Winterfell Saona Wilcox Yes Second Level Dr
With Expression Natalie Ross Yes Hopeful, Suitable, Schooling Ju; Special, Suit, Low Hunter
Wonders (Wondersneversease) Charlotte Roland Yes Intro Dr
Word Racer Dakota Williams Yes Barrel racing
You Betcha Karen Benson yes Suitable, Low Hu; Suitable, Schooling Ju
You're All Right Lindsey Partridge Yes/pending some disciplines Ranch Rid; Comp Tr; Western Dr (Basic)
Z Town (Tshapetank) Jamison Strasser Yes Suitable, Low Hunter

American Eventing Championships
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