The T.I.P. Performance Awards are the annual, self-reported Thoroughbred awards of The Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program. The Performance Awards are completely self-reported by the Thoroughbred’s owner or rider. This includes reporting of results from horse shows offering T.I.P. show divisions, classes or awards – the horse shows do not report Performance Award results to T.I.P. as well as horse shows that do not offer T.I.P. awards.

Interested in participating in the Performance Awards? Start out by reading the information below. Then start reporting your results by logging into your account.

  • Performance Award Year – December 1, through November 30.
  • Thoroughbred Eligibility – For purposes of eligibility for all T.I.P. classes and awards, a "Thoroughbred" is defined as any horse that has been registered with The Jockey Club or a foreign Thoroughbred stud book approved by The Jockey Club and the International Stud Book Committee. In order to participate in the Performance Awards, owners and riders must obtain a T.I.P. Number for the Thoroughbred. Horses without T.I.P. Numbers will be disqualified. Horses under common ownership may be submitted with multiple riders – please list all T.I.P. Numbers.
  • Shows Included in the Performance Awards – Thoroughbreds accumulate points at all horse shows, horse trials, and other horse events. Shows must be recognized by an international, national, state or local organization and must be open to all participants. Horse shows do not have to offer T.I.P. awards to be included in the Performance Awards. Please note, beginning in 2017 All Thoroughbred Shows should be included with open shows for purposes of the Performance Awards.
  • Award Calculation – The Performance Awards recognize the Thoroughbred accumulating the most points in each of the award categories and divisions.
    • High Point-type awards (T.I.P. or otherwise) and series-end awards do not count for Performance Award points.
  • Verification of Results – Results reported by owners and riders must be supported by horse show results and will be verified by T.I.P. Only verified points will be counted toward the Performance Awards. If results cannot be verified, the points will not be counted toward the award. IT IS THE SUBMITTING OWNER’S OR RIDER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO PROVIDE VERIFICATION. It is preferred that you include verification of results with the award forms. If the results are not included, you must submit the results upon request via email from T.I.P. after points have been reviewed. Plan to keep records of your results throughout the year.
    • If a class was ranked other than by placings (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.), for example, by points, owners and riders must convert the rankings to placings when reporting.
    • Once audited, if there is a significant difference between the points reported by the owner or rider and the horse show, the award entry may be disqualified.
  • All decisions by T.I.P. are final.
  • Submission – All forms and supporting documentation must be submitted by December 20. Mailed documents must be postmarked by December 20. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Early submission is appreciated!
Ribbons, Prizes and Prize Money
  • Category:
    • Ribbons through 6th place
    • Prizes to 3rd place
    • Prize Money
  • Division (includes Junior Rider, Amateur Owner)
    • Ribbons and prizes through 2nd place
    • Prize Money
Points - All disciplines except Dressage and Eventing/CT:
Class Official Placing 1-6 Participants
6+ Participants
First 15 25
Second 10 15
Third 5 10
Fourth 3 5
Fifth 2 3
Sixth 1 2
Participant NA 1
Division Champion 10 10
Division Reserve Ch. 5 5

Points - Dressage Only:

Class Official Placing Points Score Bonus Points
(add to Placing Points)
First 15 Score of 60% -62.99% 5
Second 10 Score of 63% - 64.99% 10
Third 5 Score of 65% - 66.99% 15
Participant 1 Score of 67%+ 20

Points- Eventing/CT Only:

Section Official Placing 1-6 Participants
6+ Participants
Score Bonus Points
(add to Placing Points)
First 15 25 Below 31 10
Second 10 15 31-41 5
Third 5 10
Fourth 3 5
Fifth 2 3
Sixth 1 2
Participant NA 1

REMINDER All results are self-reported by owners and/or riders.
Horse shows do not report results to T.I.P. for purposes of the Performance Awards.

Discipline based Performance Awards - Most Performance Awards are awarded by discipline (known as a Category) and by multiple divisions within each category. Divisions may be based on jump height, type of competition, level and/or Zone (see below for Zones). Category and division is based on the class actually competed. For a list of all categories and divisions, click here.

  • Each class placing is eligible for one Category/Division only.
  • English Pleasure includes pleasure classes with jumps as well as Hunter Pleasure classes without jumps and not otherwise part of a Hunter Division.
  • For Hunter and Jumper classes and divisions, select the division according to the height actually jumped.
  • Equitation classes are only eligible for the Equitation division (this includes equitation medal classes) UNLESS the equitation class is part of a hunter or pleasure division, in which case it can be included with the rest of the classes in that division in the appropriate category.
  • The General category is only for classes and disciplines that do not fit in another category.
  • Hybrid eventing/CT divisions (T/N, P/T, etc.) can be included in either of the included divisions, but not both.
  • Classes shown with the horse in hand are only eligible for the Halter/Model/In Hand category.

Junior Rider – Junior Rider Awards will be offered in the categories listed below (Champion and Reserve Champion awarded). Riders 18 or under as of January 1 of the Performance Award year are eligible for the Junior Rider Awards. To apply for the Junior Rider Award, you must include the rider’s date of birth on the hardcopy form or in the online system. The Junior Rider’s Performance Award Application must be submitted by itself on one form if multiple riders rode the horse. If multiple horses are included for the Junior Rider Award, fill out one form for each horse and indicate that the Junior Rider is applying with multiple horses.

  • Dressage
  • In Hand and General (points combined)
  • English Pleasure
  • Equitation
  • Eventing/CT
  • Hunter
  • Jumper
  • Western

Hunter – Amateur Owner (All heights) – This award is for Amateur Owner riders and is calculated based on points earned in Hunter classes only when the horse is owned and ridden by the Amateur Owner or an amateur member of the owner’s immediate family. Leased horses are not eligible. Equitation, jumper and English pleasure classes do not count toward this award. To apply for this award in the online system, enter your results in the appropriate zone/height hunter division then (i) mail or email a printout of your results with the cover page indicating which classes should be included for Amateur Owner OR (ii) submit a duplicate result entry with a division of Amateur Owner.

Zones – Where indicated, some awards are offered in Zones as follows based on the submitting owner’s or rider’s state of residence:

  • East – Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, Washington D.C., and West Virginia
  • Central – Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, and Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic Provinces
  • West – Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming, Washington, and Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia

State Bred or Residing Awards – Awards based on the horse’s state bred or state of residence may be available if sponsored by the state breeders’ organization or another organization. Available awards will be posted on Facebook ( as they become available. Awards will be calculated based on all points for eligible horses unless otherwise requested by the sponsor. In 2017 the following awards will be offered:

  • Alberta Bred sponsored by CTHS Alberta Division
  • California Bred sponsored by California Thoroughbred Breeders Association
  • Kentucky Residing sponsored by Kentucky Horse Council
  • Maryland Bred sponsored by Maryland Horse Breeders Association
  • North Carolina Bred or Residing sponsored by North Carolina Thoroughbred Association
  • Pennsylvania Bred sponsored by Pennsylvania Horse Breeders Association
  • Washington Bred Sponsored by Washington TBOA

Thoroughbred Charities of America Green OTTB Categories and Divisions – These awards are for horses that raced in the three years prior to the awards year. Calculated from all eligible entries.Sponsored by Thoroughbred Charities of America.

TAA Accredited Organization Adoptee Award – This award is for horses adopted from a Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance Accredited Organization. All points count toward award. Please check to see if the organization is TAA accredited. You must report the adoption organization on the form or online. Adoption will be verified. Horses obtained through a listing service are not eligible. Sponsored by Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance.

Options for reporting Performance Awards:

I. Paper Forms must be postmarked by December 20. To download forms, click here.

II. Online Entry (preferred). Supporting information can be mailed and must be postmarked by December 20.

  • Click on "My Account" above then T.I.P. Listing & Maintenance
  • Log into the T.I.P. Account associated with the T.I.P. Number of the Thoroughbred associated with the Performance Awards application. You MUST enter the application under the account associated with the T.I.P. Number.
  • Click on "Performance Award Entry" next to the correct horse/rider.
  • Completely fill out the entry form. You can edit this information at any time. Click Continue.
    • Junior Riders 18 and under as of January 1 of the award year – Include your date of birth to be considered for the Junior Awards.
  • To add a new show entry, click "Add New Show Entry." You can also edit, delete and review previous entries from this screen.
  • Enter the show information – please be as detailed as possible to assist with confirmation of points.
    • Date of Show
    • Name of Show
    • Class or Division
    • Rider Name
    • Placing – please note there are THREE categories of placing – please use the one appropriate to your discipline:
      • Dressage
      • Eventing and Combined Test
      • All Other
        • For H/J or Other divisions with multiple classes, you will need to add your division championship as a separate entry from the classes.
        • For Example: at "FUN HORSE SHOW" you participated in a Hunter Division with three classes and you were also the Champion, you would have FOUR entries corresponding to FUN HORSE SHOW.
    • Number of horses in your class.
    • The Performance Award category and division
    • Website with link to results if available.
  • Click Submit
III. We must be able to confirm all results. Options for confirmation of results:
  • Include a website with links to results, or
  • Print your entry and have a secretary sign to confirm placings and mail copies to: Thoroughbred Incentive Program, 821 Corporate Dr., Lexington, KY 40503, or
  • Mail copies of results with your entry forms to: Thoroughbred Incentive Program, 821 Corporate Dr., Lexington, KY 40503.
  • All mailed documents must be postmarked by December 20.
IV. Participants will be notified of results in February and results are published in March.